7 signs that you can be allergic to alcohol, according to research

Everyone reacts differently to alcohol and of course some may be more sensitive than others. But you can also be allergic to alcohol, check out these signs that may potentially harm you.

7. Runny nose

A stuffy or runny nose is one of the most common symptoms of alcohol intolerance. Nasal congestion is the result of sinus cavity inflammation and is also due to the high levels of histamine contained in alcoholic beverages, especially wine and beer.

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6. Red in the face

Another common warning sign is if you get red on your face when drinking alcohol. When the body can not break down acetaldehyde, it turns into redness on the face and sometimes across the body.

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5. Hives

If your body is unable to tolerate alcohol, it can be expressed by hernia on the body, which may be due to allergic to any of the ingredients.

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4. Nausea

Many can become nauseous with alcohol if you drink too much, but if you become nauseous almost immediately, it may be because you can not tolerate alcohol at all.


3. Diarrhea

Poor in the stomach is a common effect when you are baki, but if you repeatedly get diarrhea after a night out, it may be an allergy.


2. The pulse increases

Alcohol allergy can cause increased heart rate and is always important to take seriously, so check with a doctor if you think you are being killed.

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1. Asthma

If you already have asthma, alcohol can trigger a reaction if you are intolerant. But even if you do not have asthma, you may be more difficult to breathe if you are allergic.

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