A man films his grandma dancing and posts the video on Youtube.

Jeanne Harr has always been a big fan of Whitney Houston, and her passing in 2012 broke her heart. She wanted to pay homage to him by dancing on one of his songs. But Jeanne is not a fan like the others. And yes, she is 90 years old!

His grandson Adam proposes to film him. From the first notes, Jeanne begins to dance, in front of the moved eyes of Adam.

After a few minutes, Jeanne realizes that she is dancing on “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, which means “I want to dance with someone”. But Jeanne dances alone, and that does not please him at all. She asks Adam to join her, and he does not hesitate a single second.

These two generations are thus united in a furious dance. But if Jeanne is not first youth, it is a scene that gives tears to the eyes. The grandmother and the grandson look so happy together.

You can find this famous dance in the video below:

Jeanne and Adam shows us that it is important to enjoy life at all ages. Also, we must not forget to spend time with the people we love, as long as they are still there.