Study abroad: essential insurance

Your child is preparing to stay abroad as part of their studies and insurance issues are crucial. Indeed, they guarantee a trip with no surprises and reassure you on its support in case of glitch.

For many French students today, it is natural to consider stays abroad. They allow to experience first international experiences and to approach other cultures in all serenity. For the parents, it is a question of accompanying this quest, while providing some basic protections.

The protections of international bank cards

Many international bank cards offer insurance and assistance services covering stays abroad of less than 3 months. However, all or part of the stay (eg transportation or accommodation) must have been paid using this card. Thus, if you finance the stay with your own card, insurance related to it will not automatically extended to your child. However, if his own credit card is used to pay for the stay, he can benefit from interesting guarantees. Indeed, it will be covered in case of theft of its means of payment and / or luggage, have help in case of administrative problems and assistance, or repatriation, in case of health problem.

Good to know

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is the Vital Card in the European Union. The health insurance fund sends it on request to all the affiliates of Social Security. It is valid for one year and allows the taking care of health care, without costs, in the European Union as well as in Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland.

For stays longer than 90 days

If your child’s stay must continue abroad beyond 90 days, the simple insurance of his international bank card will not suffice. In this case, two alternatives are possible. Either you ask your insurer to extend the contract beyond the 90-day period by negotiating an addendum (and an additional contribution). Either you buy a new contract from the insurer of your choice, to cover the rest of the trip.

Our advice

To choose the best offer, depending on the country where your child will stay, in addition to the rates, check the details of the terms and conditions of coverage: the guarantee limits and the exclusions.

The insurance of its civil liability

On French soil, if the young person is still your responsibility, his civil liability is covered by your home multi-risk insurance (MRH). If accidentally it hurts someone or commits damage, it can compensate the damages. However, this coverage does not work outside the European Union.

To extend it to other countries, ask your insurer about the conditions it offers: guarantees, tariffs, exclusions, deductibles, compensation caps. Check out other insurance offers, for example by interviewing a broker, who will help you compare and find the most interesting.

Auto insurance

If your child needs to drive a vehicle abroad, first confirm the validity of their license in the country where they will be staying. Its French auto insurance policy is automatically valid throughout the European Union and in many other countries. The list is on the back of his insurer’s green card. If the host country is not listed, again it will require a specific insurance for his stay: civil liability (usually mandatory anywhere in the world), accident with bodily injury of the driver and property damage.

Our advice

For stays in major cities where public transport is satisfactory, it is best to rent vehicles as needed. In this case, the renter provides car or motorcycle insurance with the rental agreement.